VA quit sending performance data to national health care quality site





According to this article in USA Today,  the VA,  despite legal requirements to do so,  has stopped sending info regarding it’s performance as compared to nearby hospitals,  thus taking away Vets ability to compare that performance and make an informed decision about where to seek health care…

Is it any surprise that the VA is AGAIN breaking the law and AGAIN refusing to be transparent to Vets and the public?

From the article:  “In a separate move, the VA also took down its own site in February that provided side-by-side quality comparisons of its hospitals. That page,,is now simply blank.”

I wonder what the VA is trying to hide now…Could it be that VA hospitals are trying to hide the fact that they just don’t stack up to civilian hospitals when it comes to the number of deaths and and re-admissions?

The VA seems to be trying to lay the blame on  the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) claiming that HHS, claiming ” lawyers at HHS advised the VA to pull the plug until the two agencies could work out a new deal governing the sharing of information.”   The HSS ain’t talking…saying only  “HHS declined to provide answers to a list of questions from USA TODAY but issued a statement from CMS spokesman Aaron Albright saying the agency is committed to providing additional health care information to consumers.”

Sounds to me that the HHS has been taking lessons from the VA in gobbledegook…

What’s your take on it?   Hit the link above and read the article,  then feel free to comment below.