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VA OIG just revealed that it is referring two Senior Executive Service (SES) employees to the US Attorney from criminal investigation.


I think it’s about time that some of these people went to jail…WHAT DO YOU THINK?   ( comment below )

Veterans Affairs Bans iPhones For Veterans

In this article by Ban Strause of DISABLED VETERANS

We see that the VA is banning Vets from bringing their personal iPhones to exams and meetings to record the same…Does this mean that the VA is being a little disingenuous when it says it’s being transparent and honest?   I think they’re just trying to stop Vets from gathering evidence of fraud and incompetance…

WHAT DO YOU THINK?   ( comment below )


Again from Ban’s blog on DISABLED VETERANS


If a hospital can’t even correctly accomplish this important first step to a surgical procedure,  how can they expect to get the rest of it right?

WHAT DO YOU THINK?   ( comment below )



8 thoughts on “NEW DEVELOPEMENTS”

  1. First I would like to say hello to all my fellow vets, You are not going to believe what I tell you next.
    I made a huge mistake of using the va services 3 years ago. I am trying like hell to never go there again,
    I had reached a point were i couldnot walk anymore. It turned out to be a spine issue. So keep that in the back of your mind. I ended up having stents put in to both legs and my groin. During the angio i was put under too deep. In the same i was given a shot of something to bring me out of it in a rage. It turns out the surgeons brought my family into the surgery room to help hold me down while the doctors hid in the corners. I remember none of this. While i was in the rage I riped everything from my body, and ended up with a 8 in scar where they rebuilt my arteries. I am very lucky to be hear today even if it is for a short time. Iam not sure why there sloppiness or poor procedures are aloud. If anyone has any ideas what i should do please tell me. I want these medical professionals stripped of all the medical licensee and flipping burgers at McDonald. Thank you for listening and please go else where. They are killing in my opinion and have no problem doing it. Un happy here in cleveland,

  2. I’ve met some good doctors over the years but most don’t stay. They move on to private practice. The VA is always hard pressed to keep good people. It needs to keep tabs on its career personell in the higher ups. Most are courteous and do their job. They are overrun with this claim process. It’s hurting the guys coming home. What is it 41,000 personell short?

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