Is the VA doing enough to help Vets with PTSD?


A Vet froze to death in Iowa after going to the VA for help…

Story highlights

  • Iraq War veteran Richard Miles sought help at VA hospital in Des Moines, Iowa
  • Miles went to hospital for help; doctor’s notes indicate Miles said he was not a danger to himself
  • Days after being sent home, Miles was found dead in the woods.      Read the entire story here…

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2 thoughts on “Is the VA doing enough to help Vets with PTSD?”

  1. I am a 71 yr. old Vietnam combat veteran Danang rvn 1968-69 with severe symptons of ptsd We must stand together and march on Washington D.C> and all the flag waving civilians who are now, wanting our forgiveness after 40 years.,If they really want to thank us for our service write their senators and congressman and demand VA reform. I fought the VA 25 yrs before awarded compensation and retro pay. Blessed to have a good wife who kept me from committing suicide several times. I was told we were fighting commies in Vietnam when all along they were in Washington. Semper Fidelis and GOD bless all our veterans.

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