Eighth grader in Oregon was suspended for wearing a t-shirt, and stuff about Phoenix

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Most of you who have read my posts before realize that I don’t usually add a LOT of comment.  I prefer to just present the stories and let you make up your own mind…This one’s a little different…I will add some of my own thoughts…

First…the story:


An eighth grader in Oregon wanted to honor his older brother,   a Marine who had successfully served in Iraq and  safely returned home.   His tribute took the form of wearing a t-shirt… For some reason, the principal decided that this t-shirt wan “inappropriate” and demanded that he take it off…When the student refused, he was sent home.

Here’s the e-mail I sent to the school district supervisor:

from: Don Avant <avantdonald@gmail.com>
to: “schlachter@gresham.k12.or.us” <schlachter@gresham.k12.or.us>
date: Mon, Oct 12, 2015 at 10:30 AM

Superintendent Schlachter…

I would like to make a couple of points..

First, I’m a Viet  Nam Vet and so am active in many Orgs and websites supporting Vets and Patriotism…As such, I’m  appalled at the actions of your school in response to a young man who sought not to disrupt at your school but only to honor the many Veterans who have fought and died for our country…
Second, It would seem, from the stories that I’ve read, that the t-shirt concerned was not in direct conflict of your dress code, only offending in the perception of the principal at the school.  I am here to inform you that not only have you stepped on this young man’s civil rights, but you have offended ME and a large number of Veterans with your actions…
I intend to follow this story closely and report your actions to ALL my constituents…If your actions against this principal are not Immediate and an apology to the young man is not quickly forthcoming…YOU AND ALL YOUR BOSSES WILL HEAR FROM US..
Respectfully yours…
And here’s his response:

Jim Schlachter

Oct 12 (7 days ago) Reply
to me

Dear Don,


I recently received your email expressing your concerns, and wanted to share some background.


As you may know, recently a middle school student in the Gresham-Barlow School District wore a t-shirt to school that had a rifle on it. Some news reports state the student was suspended. This was not the case. The administration did talk with the student about the appropriateness of the image on his shirt. The parent of the student agreed to allow the student to go home after the student refused other options such as changing into a different t-shirt.

We are aware the rifle on the student’s t-shirt featured a Fallen Soldier Battle Cross, which is a symbol used to show respect for fallen troops. The message of the t-shirt, showing support for our country’s military, and their many sacrifices, is a positive one that we fully support. What called into question the appropriateness of the t-shirt in a middle school setting was the rifle included in the image.

While the district’s dress code does not allow clothing with images of weapons, in light of this situation, we will take a closer look at our policy. This is an opportunity to engage the community in a conversation about school safety and the age appropriate ways to express support for our military veterans in a school setting.

The Gresham-Barlow School District greatly appreciates the service provided to our country by the members of the United States military and the many sacrifices made by veterans and their families to defend our country.

My e-mail back:

Don Avant <avantdonald@gmail.com>

Oct 13 (6 days ago)

to Jim

Just wanted to remind you while taking a closer look at your policy that the student in question has already had his Right to Free Speech infringed upon and continuing that infringement is unconstitutional…

Thank you…
If you would like to contact Mr Schlacter and add your own comment to the mix, Here’s his e-mail address:
Please let him know how you feel about his stepping on this students Constitutional Right… AND refusing to allow him to honor his brother…
Now on to Phoenix…
The Arizona Republic a Tucson publication put out by Gannet Publishing, has continued to cover the Phoenix VA scandal and t doesn’t seem to be getting any better..

Internal strife ongoing among Phoenix VA staff

Phoenix VA fiscal officer wins whistleblower reprisal case


Phoenix VA bosses mired in personal conflicts


Delays at VA urology clinic implicated in deaths


Personally I think it’s time to bring in a couple of terriers to clean out this rat’s nest…what do you think?

Somebody call the FBI dammit!!!

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