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  1. Have a Representative or Senator Represent you as
    VETERAN WITH MALPRACTICE CASE WITH OUT Medical or Mental Health Provider can sue you.

  2. Hopefully reads this to convince Senators and Representatives to passed a Veteran Law that is 100 percent service connected if he or she needs to see Medical Professionals and Medical Professionals wants the money upfront from the VA should pay because if wasn’t for Veterans we would not be call United States i cannot do alone.

  3. something that needs to be addressed is records for those who served in the US Army and were sent to Korea. If they were involved in anything anywhere close to Special Ops their records did not come home with them and therefore they can’t prove they were where they say they were. DoD needs to be brought to task over this and made to produce GLOMAR Letters and the VA must be forced to grant these men and women their claims based on that GLOMAR Letter. Before you ask it doesn’ make any difference if you were there 60 years ago or 6 months ago the problem is still the same and has got to be solved ASAP

    1. Barbara Ann Wright did you get my message about your message and you agree can you please Spread the word THANKS for your Service plus Stay Healthy and your Family Merry Christmas.

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